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N.B. All JUNE posts are excerpts from All the Women of the Bible

I did NOT author this post. Because the piece is so good, I am STILL PROCESSING it myself. One of the lessons illustrated here is that even the strongest Believers falter - in their faith, in their decision-making. Sarah was a godly woman who had seen Yahweh miraculously perform multiple times in her life. Yet, she stumbled at the promise she wanted to see fulfilled more than anything else she had ever hoped for in her life - having a baby with her husband, Abraham. Perhaps growing tired of the 25 year wait after receiving God's word about having that son or perhaps trying to comprehend how she could now conceive since she was already ninety years old,  Sarah's despondency catapulted her to the actions you must read below:

The Folly of Sarah
We have already seen that Sarah’s folly had its root in unbelief. She was impatient, and wanted the promised child without delay. Her unbelief became contagious for “Abraham hearkened unto her voice.” The pious phrases she uttered were worthless. “The Lord judge” (16:5). She should have appealed for judgment to the Lord before she took the wrong step. She was a godly woman (Hebrews 11:11), but fell into the meshes of unbelief. With distrust there came dishonor. She confessed “my wrong,” but Hagar was the real sufferer, and Sarah’s sin bore bitter fruit, for when she gave Hagar to Abraham, she originated a rivalry which has run in the keenest animosity through the ages, and which oceans of blood have not quenched.

- Still Processing

(see HAGAR III for more about the fallout Sarah's act of desperation continues to have on her descendants)

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